Point of Sale (POS) or Moka cash register that makes it easy to record business sales transactions online and offline anytime

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Sell offline.
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Bringing your business potential to the fullest, both online and offline.

Moka POS
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Everything about your business in your hands

We help you grow your business across online and offline platforms right from the palm of your hands

Moka POS
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Bring your business to the next level with us

We help boost your business to its maximum potential, from online to offline platforms.

Moka POS
Faster Card Transaction Process

Faster Card Transaction Process

It's More Practical to Accept Card Payments with Moka and EDC GoBiz PLUS!

Moka POS

Start with Moka

Merchants who regularly access Moka Back Office see a 23% growth in revenue in just 6 months.

Moka POS

Offline and Online Activation

Moka POS

Designed to Grow Business

Moka POS

The Best After-Sales Service

Moka Point of Sale

Run your offline store with Moka Point of Sale

We help you gain scalable insights from your transactions data so that you can sell more and more.


Get more customers by selling online

GoStore online storefront allows you to sell on Instagram, Facebook, & Google and helps you reach more customers

Online to Offline Experience

Accept Online and
Self Pick-Up Order
from Moka

Sell your product in multiple channels
and manage in one application.
Simple and easy!


Integrate your store seamlessly

If you can integrate your store to various platforms from accounting software to WhatsApp order, why connect to just one?


Access funding solutions easily

Need a financial aid to boost your sales? We provide you a list of secure and easy-to-apply funding options from our fintech partners.

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Trusted by more than 45,000 merchants across Indonesia

Moka POS
Jaqueline Karina

Owner of Kokumi

"Moka is easy-to-use and helped us grow from 4 to 27 outlets in just 5 months. The real-time dashboard also enables us to centralize report and analysis from all outlets."

Moka POS
Wijaya Gunawan

Owner of Popoluca

"Moka provides real-time summary on daily sales transaction and inventory movement, which helps us on analyzing various things such as sales pattern, outlet peak hour, and preferred payment methods."

Moka POS
Erica Pramesty Utami

Owner of Buumi Playscape

"Moka's system is proven to speed up our frontliners operation. Moreover, its detailed and comprehensive report helps us in knowing our customer behavior. A very suitable system for business owners with operations and finance background."

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