Our full service restaurants has more than 400K loyal customers

Make customers smile with full service, without the hassle

Improve service and sales

Visualize your floor plan, manage waiting lists, and deliver orders to the right customers. Check out their preferred visiting hours to sell more opportunities.

Real-time data access

Stay informed on sales summary, gross profit, and payment methods wherever you are. Access everything easily through your personal device.

Synchronized dual device setting

Dedicate a station for each payment and order. This helps you avoid clash of accumulated orders and payments that bring the system down.

Let customer split bills

Not feeling too generous for a treat? We accommodate split bills and split payment for the most flexible customer experience.

Stay synced without connection

Your devices would stay synced during a connection downtime. All to ensure your Order and Billing activity will remain uninterrupted.

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Rahmat Fitrianto

Outlet Manager of The Social Pot

"With Moka, we can simplify the order process for both kitchen and bar seamlessly, categorize whether a product is fast or slow moving one, and determine peak hour and best-selling items, so that we can create strategy plan from the report."