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Moka is a well-integrated Point of Sale that simplifies sales and operations process

Operational Solutions

Moka POS

Order Management

Struggling to manage transactions? Not anymore with Moka's intuitive display and integration with various online food order delivery platforms!
Moka POS

Digital Payment

Provide your customers with a variety of digital payment options. It's fast, safe, and give a lot of promotions.

Moka POS

Table Management/ Room MapsPremium Service

With a floor plan, you can create the best ambience your customers need.

Moka POS

Save Bill/Split Bill

Input customers orders with more flexibility by creating temporary bills and reopen them when there is a new transaction.

Moka POS

Electronic Receipt

We go paperless for any receipts. So no more print-outs. We'll text or email you, instead.

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Administration Solutions

Moka POS

Daily Report

We make the troublesome sales reports, transactions, and employee's shift trouble-free.

Moka POS

Stock Report

Keep your business organized by keeping track of your inventory, suppliers database, and stock availability.

Moka POS

Tax & Gratuity Configuration

We made a configuration that eases you to comply with the local tax and gratuity regulation.

Growth Solutions

Moka POS


Never miss an opportunity to improve selling strategy by analyzing your business activities.
Moka POS

Multioutlet Management

Have more than one outlet? Access reports for all of your outlets, integrated in a single dashboard. 
Moka POS

Customer Feedback

Gather insights from your customers on what can be improved about your business and services.

Security Solutions

Moka POS

Employee Management

Limit access only for certain employees by setting up a PIN to secure your important data.

Moka POS


Fear of fraud? For every transaction recorded, you can see which employees are in charge.

Promotion Solutions

Moka POS

Discount & Promotion

Create promotions that your customer needs. Set the active period and rewards in just one swipe.
Moka POS

Bundle Packages

Offer customers an attractive choice of menus by combining them at special prices.
Moka POS

CRM Pro Premium Service

Utilize your customers database by texting or email them an irresistible promotion voucher.
Moka POS

Loyalty Program

Register your customers for loyalty program and let them collect rewards without member cards.

They #PercayaMoka

to grow their business

Moka POS

Owner of Juragan Helm

"Checking stock inventory across all outlets is now much faster. We can also immediately see the sales reports, whether our revenues has increased or not. What brand or type of helmet is the best-seller. Those are great feature for me."

Moka POS

Managing director and Co-Founder Il Vero Gelato

"The data provided by Moka is very comprehensive that we can make a business strategy from it. The service is also very professional and responsive."

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