More than 270K of coffee menus are sold with Moka

But we would really like to have you grow that number with innovative coffee menus

Home is where the coffee is

Greet customers with personalized touches to make them feel at home. Learn their favorite order and time of visit to create a happy hour promo, or simply reward every visit with loyalty programs.

Give the option to skip the queue

Your customers can make purchases through the GoStore to make their self-pickup later. Goodbye queues!"

Turn customer insights into valuable products

If you could come up with new products based on most-selling item in your sales report, why bother thinking from scratch? With Moka, we can do just that pretty seamlessly, you know.

Never run out of their favorite coffee

Coffee ingredients running short? Get real-time updates with our inventory management feature and plan re-stock schedules way ahead.

Proud to be their partner #MajuDengan Pasti

Logo Titik Temu Coffee

Joseph Erwin

COO of Titik Temu Coffee

"Moka greatly improves Titik Temu's operational efficiency. Moka application has a simple user experience that simplifies the process of implementing digital solution. More than that, the after-sales service is also very helpful."