Got thousands of items? Moka can handle and organize up to 10K SKU inventories

Easily Sell More from Anywhere to Everywhere

Manage Thousands of SKUs More Easier

Never get overwhelmed by your inventory flow because we've got a real-time inventory report that summarize what goes in and out. 

Reach More Customers Online

Do you know Moka can handle your online business as well? When you create your own online storefront with GoStore, all of the transaction will be synced to your offline store with Moka POS.

Sell Both Wholesale and Retail

Our feature allows multiple pricing for an item according to its sales type and variation. Sell wholesale, sell retail, make variants, we got you covered.

Build meaningful relationships through customer data

Check out your customer's most sought-after item, and you can customize more relevant promotions or loyalty programs. Guess what? You might even get closer to them in person.

Create Strategic Business Decision

Need to create a faster decision? Get insights from your best-selling items, busy hours, and preferred payment methods. All are curated in a separate report, so you won't miss anything important.

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Moka POS

Rendi Emalia
House of Ria Miranda's Head Finance

"As a lifestyle brand, it is necessary to plan an attractive and dynamic promotion program for our customer. Moka enables us to do that by serving best-selling items on sales report."