How Moka Order Can Help Your Business?

Manage multiple orders at the same time

Customers can order and pay by scanning a QR code at the table without waiting for a waiter.

customer satisfaction

Provide customers with fast, safe, comfortable, and accurate order systems.

Manage orders and sales reports with ease

All order/transaction records are automatically integrated with your Moka POS.

Dine-In Feature

Paid Feature


Manage "Dine in" Orders Faster

Provide a QR code on your restaurant table for ordering & paying at once. Customers can process orders without having to wait for the waiter.

How Dine-In Feature Works


Customers only need to scan the QR to see the menu, order, and pay.

  • QR code can be printed & placed on all tables/counters.
  • Digital menu can be updated in real-time.
  • Compatible with all types of cell phones/mobile devices.


Payments are made in person (non-cash), and the order will automatically enter your Moka POS notification.

  • Customers can add special notes to their orders
  • There are various non-cash payment options available directly from the cellphone.


Orders can be processed and served immediately.

  • Every incoming order is recorded more accurately
  • Customers can place additional orders without having to wait for the waiter.

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How to Subscribe Dine-In Feature


Register through the Moka Back Office & activate the Moka Order by creating a domain and completing your business profile


You must fill out the subscription form


Moka will contact you to explain the use of the feature


"Self Pick Up" Option for Customers

Customers can order online and choose to pick it up at the store, without the hassle of arranging delivery.


Sell ​​& Receive Orders Online

Maximize business opportunities by accepting orders online through a website with a variety of delivery options & can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping.


Fitur Berbayar

Dine-in Feature 99.000 IDR / month

Subscribe for enjoy unlimited access to all Moka Order features (Dine-in, Pick-up, dan Delivery)

+1,5% Payment Fee/transaction

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