Common Questions

What is Moka?
Moka is an associated company of Gojek that provides a one-stop solution for both offline and online commerce. Moka provides the most advanced POS system to help you sell offline and enables you to create your own website via GoStore.

What is Moka POS?
Moka POS is a cloud based Point of Sale system that enables you to run your offline store. It provides complete features from daily transaction reports, promotion, inventory management, all the way to accessing real-time business monitoring dashboard and report.

What type of business that is suitable to use Moka POS?

Moka is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, from FnB, retail, and services, whether you're just starting out or you operate hundreds of outlets. Register now and ask for a free demo, our team would be more than happy to showcase how our features can be optimized for your business.

Can my online business use Moka POS?

Moka supports offline businesses to go online through GoStore integration and other website builder in our backoffice. If you already have a website, you can integrate your online business with Moka backoffice.

Do I have to pay to use Moka POS?

Yes, there will be a monthly or annual subscription for you to choose, starting from IDR249,000 per month for annual subscription.

I'm interested in Moka POS, but I don't want to commit yet..
Start free trial for 14 days by clicking the "Try for Free" in the homepage and follow the instructions. You can also request for a demo by our sales team.

How many e-wallets are available in Moka POS?
We have direct integrations with various e-wallets such as GoPay, OVO, LinkAja, WeChat, AliPay, Kredivo and Akulaku.

What should I prepare to use Moka POS?
You will need a tablet (iOS/OS) to operate the Moka app for your store. You can access Moka Backoffice by logging in from any type of browser -- both on your mobile and desktop. We provide a range of hardware options here.

Why should I choose Moka POS over conventional POS?
Moka provides real-time dashboard and business reports. The backoffice provides management features that can't be found in conventional POS. Moreover, it is complemented with access to fundings and API integration platforms.

Can I get a discount or promo if I subscribe?

Once you register for a free trial, our team will contact you. You can ask our representative team about ongoing discounts or promo.

How to Subscribes

Moka POS

1. Sign up through our website

2. Login to the backoffice and make a payment on the Billing page

3. You can purchase your hardware here

4. For payment assistance, you reach us from :

- Our hotline 021-1500 970

- Send message via WhatsApp to 081110697700

5. If you need installment, you can also make payment via Moka Official Tokopedia Store

How to Use

Moka POS

You are 3 simple steps away to get started.

1. Install Moka app from Google Play or App Store in your iPad or Android tablet.

2. Log In to backoffice from

3. Read our guide here 

or simply request a demo, our team would be more than happy to show you how Moka POS works.

General Questions

What is Moka Order?

Moka Order is a new service from Moka to receive a variety of choices for faster and more accurate ordering for culinary businesses, from dine-in, pick-up, and delivery.

- Pick Up: Customers can order online and pick up at the store themselves, without the hassle of standing in line.

- Delivery: Maximize business opportunities by accepting orders online through a website with a variety of delivery options & can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping

- Dine-in: receive & manage dine-in orders faster by scanning a QR code to order and pay from the table

Do I have to pay to use Moka Order?

You can enjoy Moka Order premium feature for free if you subscribe Moka POS Pro or Enterprise Package. If currently you are subscribing Moka POS Basic and want to enjoy Moka Order feature, then you can upgrade to Pro Package or Enterprise package instead.

How to Use

How does Moka Order Dine-In Work?

- Customers come and choose an available table 

- Customers scan the QR code to order and pay cashless 

- Orders go to Moka POS. Filter the delivery method to “Pick Up & Eat Dine”

- Orders can be processed immediately 

- Orders are ready to be served to customers

Moka Order Payment Fees

What are payment fees?

Payment fee is a platform fee charged to merchants for each Moka Order transaction where the fee is a fee charged by payment method providers to Moka Order for providing various payment methods that can be utilized by merchants and customers.

When does the payment fee start to apply?

Payment fees apply starting on May 15, 2022.

How is the simulation of calculating the payment fee on Moka Order?

Merchants will be charged a payment fee of 1.5% per Moka Order transaction. The amount of funds that the merchant gets is the amount that has been reduced by a payment fee of 1.5%.

Who will be charged this payment fee?

Payment fees will be charged only to Moka Order merchants.

How is the simulation of deduction fee payment in Moka Order?

If the merchant's total sales are Rp1,000,000, then the payment fee that will be charged is Rp1,000,000 x 1.5% = Rp15,000. The amount to be disbursed to the merchant is Rp1,000,000 - Rp. 15,000 = Rp. 985,000.

Where can I see the total deduction for this payment fee?

Merchants will be sent a weekly report every week which includes the calculation of the amount of the payment fee charged to the merchant.

Capital x CoinWorks

What is the detail and specification for Koinworks Loan?

Koinworks provides loans starting from 5 million to 2 Billion rupiah. The application tenors range from 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, until the maximum of 24 months. The interest fee given on this loan ranges from 9%-18% per year with details of admin fees as follows:

- 6-9 months: 2%

- 12-18 months: 3%

- 21-24 months: 4%

The borrowers will not be charged a penalty fee if they pay earlier than the existing agreement.

What documents should I prepare to apply for a loan at KoinWorks?

You need to prepare several documents:
- Personal ID card (KTP) (and spouse's ID if married)
- NPWP (if apply for > IDR 50 million loan)
- Valid Family Card
- Bank account mutations in the form of bank statements/e-statements for the last 3 months

How long does the application process take until the disbursement of funds at KoinWorks?

The disbursement process will be processed within 19 days with several checking stages.

Fraud Checking Process [2 Working Days]

- Checking on the bank account and e-statement

- Checking on the validation of KTP and KK

Risk Checking Process [ 6 Working Days]

- Checking on the availability and reachability communication line with borrowers

- Submission of additional documents regarding the statement of ability to repay the loan.

Marketplace Process [5-8 Working Days]

- The process of finding and matching lenders to borrowers

- Processing the loan contract

Disbursement Process [3 Working Days]

How to apply for a loan at KoinWorks?

1. Open Moka Back Office on your PC

2. Select the “TABLE MANAGEMENT” menu, click “CAPITAL”

3. Click the “Apply for Loan” button

4. Choose a financial institution: KoinWorks

5. Enter the funds and loan tenor according to your needs

6. Fill in the data and upload the required documents, finish and click “Submit”

7. Wait 2-5 working days to find out the status of the submission. It will be informed at the Moka Back Office or via email

8. If the loan is approved, the financial institution will send a “Contract Letter” to you via email, and sign if you agree

9. Loan funds will be immediately searched for and transferred to the specified account

Who is eligible to apply for a loan at Koinworks?

1. Have joined MOKA for at least 3 months

2. Average business sales is 5 million per month
3. The coverage area is all over Indonesia, except for the Eastern Indonesia area (Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua). Possibility of approval if the location is in Makassar

4. The borrowers must be 21-55 years
Merchant can TOP UP funding

Information: This makes the approval rate have higher success, but the disburse process continues for 19-30 days
6. Rejected Merchants can re-register at KoinWorks 3 months later (calculated from the submission date registered in the Tracker)

Common Questions

What is Moka Connect?

Moka Connect is an API (Application Programming Interface) open platform based for various business solutions for Moka merchants. There are two services available, namely App Marketplace and Private Solution.

What services are available on Moka Connect?

Moka Connect consists of two service products, namely App Marketplace and Private Solution.

App Marketplace is a one-stop-shop marketplace service in Moka's Back Office where we collaborate with various third-party partner applications to be able to provide solutions that suit your needs. No re-register process needed and you can have your Moka integrated with your preferred partner apps through Back Office. To date, here is a list of our App Marketplace partners:

1. Circle Media
2. Digiresto
3. Journal
4. Storeology

Meanwhile, Private Solution is a service that is intended for people who already have their own API system and want a more specific solution. Through this service, you can manage and combine APIs to create new functions to meet your business needs. In other words, you can also integrate custom apps that you already have with the Moka system.

You can visit check the following link to find out more about Moka Connect.

How to Use

App Marketplace

You are 3 simple steps away to get started.

1. Log In to backoffice from
2. Select the Apps menu.
3. You can see a list of Moka App Marketplace partners that you can integrate with.

For more details: click here.

Private Solutions

How do I register my business so that it can be integrated with Moka Connect Private Solution?

You can contact us via call center at 1500970 or email at [email protected].

For more details: click here.

Moka Connect Help Center:

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