Why Moka?

At Moka, we believe in values, not rules. We believe that it's not about the suits or the time check-ins, but it's about delivering on our promises. We believe in taking ownership and challenging ideas. We believe in being part of the solutions, not the problem.

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Kelvin Gani
VP of Products

"feel very impactful working at Moka. Things are moving very fast, we do not tolerate bureaucracy, and everyone is always available to help plan, execute, review, etc. Definitely the best working environment that I’ve ever encountered. If you are looking to make impact to help businesses to sell and grow, while also advancing your career, Moka is the right place for you." 

Daniel Sjarief
UX Designer

"I feel that my goal is greatly aligned with Moka's, which is to make others' lives easier through digital solutions. Feeling like I could fit in easily due to the team's collaborative and welcoming atmosphere. Also, I wanted to help boba vendors by giving them the best POS system out there!"

Robert Darmawan
Performance Management Lead

"My interest in Moka grew as I met different individuals that just emit positivity and passion in what they're doing. But undoubtedly, because through what I do, I could contribute to help build something unique that benefitted the society in general."

Shabina Gianti
Partnership Executive

"Giving back is a big part of my personal philosophy and I was excited to see that Moka has just got me covered with its shared goals of making difference through technology & innovation. I've also witnessed an incredible learning experience that I never would have without joining Moka." 

Dhimas Adiyasa
Software Engineer in Test

"The first time I entered Moka, it felt like I was a new family member. From a dozen people up to hundreds, the sense of kinshop and togetherness has never dimmed. Moka is like a second family to me."

Chrisman Sinurat
Area Sales Manager

"Moka always have a plan to develop healthy work culture. That positive culture has a great impact on creating positive progress. And what I love is we always try to share this practice with our customers, too."

Joni Rismoyo
Merchant Support Specialist

"Moka taught me to always have a customer-centric mind. This is what challenged me to always bring the best solution not only to our customer, but everyone around me."

Reza Brianca
Head of Data

"Here at Moka, we try to put ourselves in merchant point of view. We strive to be one stop solution for our merchant needs. If you’re someone who loves solving problem and love challenges, this place is definitely for you."

Aditee Lad
Senior Program Manager

"At Moka, we can express ourselves honestly. We may have plenty discussion or even arguments to reach conclusion. We feel open to challenge existing processes. If something leads to improvement, it’s definitely a welcome."

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