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Leverage Moka open platform with more than 10.000 merchants to improve your product offering or integrate your existing applications. Provide better values and benefits to our mutual customers and generate new revenue streams for your business.

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Once your app is integrated and approved, your app will be available on Moka App Marketplace to be explored and utilized by all of our merchants.

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Build custom solutions for any other needs

You will be able to customize your product or service to build any solutions for the merchants within Moka. Enterprise merchant will also be able to customize their integration with this

Get Reports

Merchants can download the details of their sales, either summarized or parsed with items, categories, etc.

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Read Item Library

Make your stock level accurate by our Library API. Merchants can track the details of their items & inventory information.

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Read Transactions

Check the details of the transactions made, such as the services or items purchased, discounts, and taxes.

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Get Merchant Profile

Merchants can access the details of the business, ranging from outlets, to users, to customers.

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A platform made for developers, by developers

Moka has a history of disruptive innovation, and now we're providing these tools so you can build custom solutions for any business need.

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